When you own a retail business, knowing how to deal with shoplifting is an important part of your responsibilities. According to National Association for Shoplifting Prevention statistics cited by the office retail chain, Staples, retailers suffer a loss of $35 million worth of goods each and every day. To keep shoplifting to a minimum, training your employees to recognize and handle shoplifters is essential. Establishing and following store design tactics will also help you reduce the occurrence of customer theft in your retail business. Unlimited Security would like to share with you some ideas you can use to prevent shoplifting at your business.

Increase Visibility.

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Your employees must be able to keep their eyes on the merchandise, so arranging your displays properly is an important step in preventing shoplifting. Place taller displays by the store perimeter and shorter displays closer to the cash register. Install mirrors strategically to avoid blind spots.

Post Your Shoplifting Policy Throughout the Store.

Signs that announce “Shoplifters will be prosecuted,” can be a big deterrent to potential thieves.

Make Your Security System Noticeable.

When shoplifters see cameras, motion sensors, security mirrors, or security guards, they tend to think twice about stealing.

Be Aware and Visible.

Your employees should be alert at all times and aware of their surroundings, especially during opening and closing hours. Establishing a presence by greeting every customer who walks in the door and by offering assistance to customers as they shop reminds potential shoplifters that they are being watched.

Monitor the Dressing Rooms.

Leaving the dressing room area unattended can be an invitation for shoplifters. Tracking items that go in and out of the dressing rooms can significantly reduce customer theft. You may also want to ask customers to check their bags and backpacks with an employee before entering the dressing rooms.

If you would like to learn more about ways to prevent shoplifting at your business, Unlimited Security would love to give you more recommendations and suggestions. Contact us to find out how you can reduce customer theft.