Are you ready to bring in 2018? So are we! We know that many people make big plans to go out and enjoy their New Year’s Eve to the fullest. We get it… we love celebrating, too! That being said, we want to ensure our customers stay as safe as possible throughout this fun-filled holiday. Check out some of our tips below, and be sure to depend on Unlimited Security for all of your home and business security needs!

Stay Alert & Aware

New Year’s Eve is always a fun night, but it can be easy to get caught up in all of the festivities. Yet, if you find yourself in a public area, such as a nightclub, bar, house party, or somewhere else similar, please take some time to take in your surroundings. Make note of emergency exits, safety equipment (such as fire extinguishers), and good escape routes if you need to get out in a hurry.

On that same note, make sure you’re keeping close to any friends or family members that you went out with. It’s best to stay together and keep tabs on one another so that you can all make it home easily and safely when the festivities are through.

And if you see something strange? Report it! It’s always best to play it safe and any unusual or suspicious activity should be relayed to the cops so that they can take appropriate action. One quick call could make all the difference for keeping you (or someone else) safer throughout this busy and sometimes hectic night!

Protect Your Home

Burglars are all-too-aware that many houses remain empty on New Year’s Eve. People throughout the world love going out and celebrating with friends, so they pack up for the night and leave their homes unoccupied. With more homes than unusual empty, it’s easy for thieves to target unoccupied neighborhoods and take their time, knowing homeowners will likely not be home until well past midnight.

Don’t let your home become the victim of a robbery. One thing you could do is put your television, radio, lights, and/or other electronics on timers so that they’re turning off and on throughout the evening. This makes it appear as though the area is occupied and anyone lurking outside will be more likely to stay away and move to the next place.

Also, do your best to keep your plans off of social media. We know this is a challenge in today’s world, but by posting your whereabouts you make your home and belongings an easy target.

Are you throwing a party? Protect your home by locking away valuables and any sentimental items. When things get crowded, it’s easier than ever for a thief to walk through your home and quickly snatch whatever they please!