When you own a business, you need to protect your investment from criminal activity and environmental hazards. At Unlimited Security, we provide commercial security solutions that include intrusion detection, video surveillance, personal safety, and environmental monitoring. We are proud to offer access control from any Internet-ready device, and we even have smartphone apps that allow you to view the event log as well as videos of the property. According to Self Growth , one of the most essential components of a top notch commercial security system is video surveillance through closed-circuit TV (CCTV). We would like to tell you the reasons why you need a commercial security system with CCTV.

Crime prevention

business security graphicIf potential thieves know they are being filmed on the property of your business, they are less likely to actually commit a crime because they know they will be recorded on video. Cameras also prevent employee theft. When your employees know that they are being filmed, they will think twice about taking cash from the register.

Provides evidence

If any sort of crime has been committed on your business’ property, you will have evidence to use in the court case. Jurors will be able to watch your video footage to determine that the person on trial actually did commit the crime. You can also turn this footage over to the police to help them locate the criminal by releasing the video to local media outlets.

Protection of employees

CCTV footage can deter any physical violence directed towards your employees from customers. Your employees will also be protected against false accusations from colleagues or customers.

Monitors high risk areas

If you own a factory, you can place video cameras in any areas where accidents are more likely to occur. This will ensure immediate medical treatment that could save an employee’s life. You will also be able to immediately contact emergency authorities if a fire should break out, which will lessen the damage to your property.

Boosts customer confidence

Your customers will feel more confident and relaxed if they kn
ow cameras are installed in your business. They will feel more secure knowing that extra eyes are watching for any criminal activity.

Increase the security of your business with top notch commercial security. Contact us at Unlimited Security to learn more about our commercial security system options.