Guess what’s coming up soon? That’s right – National Fire Prevention Week! This is an annual affair that helps raise awareness towards fire safety. Spread the word, so that your friends, family, and neighbors are prepared no matter what!

Learn More With The NFPA

The National Fire Prevention Association is the group that hosts this incredible week-long event, and it does a great job in spreading awareness and promoting some great merchandise. This year’s theme is “Every Second Counts: Plan 2 Ways Out!” It’s all about staying prepared and planning ahead, so that you know what to do should a fire occur in your home.

Some tips from the NFPA include making a map of your home and planning at least two ways of escaping from each room. There is typically an obvious route, but having a backup plan is important and could save you and loved ones valuable time, should their go-to path be blocked by flames or smoke. Also, be sure to practice these various escape routes at least twice a year, so that everyone has it down.

And remember – once you’re safely outside and away from the fire, stay there! Never run back into a burning building.

How Can I Help?

Are you wondering what you can do to spread the word and raise awareness? There are lots of ways to help out! You can easily download the FPW logo through the NFPA’s website and post it all over your public online accounts and social media pages. Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and Snapchat are just some of the many platforms you could use to share useful (and potentially life-saving) information with friends and family.

You could also try contacting local newspapers and news stations. Submit some news releases to help get the word out! Along with this, consider hosting a community event or get-together, where families and individuals can gather to learn some educational facts about how to stay safer every single year. This would also be a good opportunity to fund raise for future Fire Prevention Weeks. Every little bit makes a difference!

Stay Prepared With Us

At Unlimited Security we are all about fire safety and fire prevention. That’s why we sell top of the line fire systems to ensure your home stays more protected. We know that every moment matters and that even the slightest mix-up or hesitation could cost you more damages and losses in the event of a fire. Our systems keep you alerted and ensure the proper authorities get notified as soon as possible. In a situation like this, you can’t afford to waste any time!

If you own a home or business, our experts can set you up right! We will make sure you have all of the equipment you need, and we’ll make sure everything is up to code, too. Keep your assets protected at all times, turn to us!