Anyone who has ever seen a co-worker go ashen and hurriedly leave for home dreads that phone call from the fire department. For some, it starts with a toaster. For others, a malfunctioning automatic timer and for others still, a still smoldering fireplace. Whatever caused the fire, the smoke alarms sounded, but there was no one home to hear them.

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Beyond Imagination

On the one hand, the homeowner feels grateful that everyone was out of the house and is safe. On the other, there is no imagining the grief of losing even one pet, much less several at the same time. There is no imagining the loss of so much at once, belongings and shelter and furry and feathered family members, all of them gone.

Preventing that phone call is what monitored smoke alarms are all about, offering 24-hour ears 7 days a week. An investment in them is truly invaluable, as they do a better job of really protecting your extended family and your home. For those rightly watching budgets, remember that insurance discounts are likely to at least offset some of the expenditure.

Monitored even when the rest of a home’s security system is disarmed, they always safeguard loved ones and cherished things from fire. Given how frequently homeowners forget to re-activate their security systems, monitored smoke alarms lower insurance premiums even for those who have them. One caveat is attached here in that the monitoring only works if the smoke alarm or sensor is installed and maintained properly.

Preventing that phone call is well worth the cost of monitored smoke alarms if there is any way the budget allows it. Maybe you can start grooming the dog yourself to save its life, or maybe you will have to pass on new books to re-read old ones. Take another look at your budget and see where you might find the small savings that can make such a huge difference.