Remove the Welcome Mat

Almost everyone who owns a home cherishes the idea that they are safe. Nowadays, even in the comfort of your home, this is conditional on your home being as well-prepared as possible.

Don’t be the Target

Thieves look for areas of vulnerability and typically watch for your habits. We can help you be too much trouble to rob.

Thieves look for areas of vulnerability and typically watch for your habits. We can help you be too much trouble to rob.

Modern burglars already know every trick in the book and will definitely try their very best to enter your home. But if there’s one consolation, it’s that you’re not their only target. In fact, anyone, anywhere who shows vulnerability can be a target. That’s why it’s important to know what you can do to prevent thieves from wanting to enter your home at all.

There are indeed many ways to at least give thieves difficulty in entering your home and preventing it from becoming a primary target. That’s what we from Unlimited Security are here to help you know. We give our customers only the best advice on what they can do to prevent thieves from entering their home because here, your safety and security is our utmost priority. We protect your most important assets—family and property.

Tips for Your Home Security

First of all, make sure your doors are locked at all times. The most common and easiest way for a burglar to enter the home is through the front and back door. Install a strong set of locks (double locks for better results) so that even if the thief kicks into the door it’ll make it harder for him, giving you enough time to prepare yourself in case he comes in.

Next, if you have the money for it, motion sensitive equipment and 24/7 video surveillance cameras can be a great feature for added security to the house. If you are interested, give us a call at Unlimited Security and we’ll happily install the system for you, giving you more peace of mind to be able to monitor many areas of the house so easily.

Another tip is to make sure you have lights turned on at night in dark and concealed areas of the house making it clear for burglars that you are indeed inside and making it hard for them to hide in the darkness. When you’re away on a vacation, ask your neighbor to keep watch over your home. Ask them to turn on the lights at night and park their car in your driveway if possible just so people will think you’re still inside the home.

Lastly, if you have bought any expensive appliances or items, it would be best to be humble about it and carefully keep all the boxes and bags that used to contain these items. Do not just dump them in the garbage bin outside where anyone can easily see that you just bought the latest gadget. Before burglars will enter your home, they might put you under surveillance for a couple of days to see how you move and the routine you normally do.

These are only some of the many things you can do to prevent the next robbery from happening in your own house. Leave it to the experts of Unlimited Security to give you a wide array of options to keep your home, your property, and most of all, your family safe and sound.