The tragic events at Newtown brought lots of things into sharper focus, with respect to keeping our families safe both at home and away. Too precious to endanger in any way, much less through negligence, children are causing parents to take another look at their home security systems. That renewed interest is no doubt what prompted reports of smoke alarms failing to wake children.

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From Smoke Alarms To Electronic Guards

First and foremost, it is important to remember that your own children may be different than the ones in any study. Even if they are not and they too sleep through shrill alarms, you probably don’t – since the human ear is designed to hear a baby’s cry. These alarms are an important part of a home security system, so do not pull them down just because your kids might sleep through them.

Another critical piece of home security is prevention of intrusion and, if possible, a security monitoring system that sends help if the best deterrents fail. If the budget allows it, a professionally installed and monitored security system probably allows the greatest peace of mind. Always announcing themselves to would-be intruders with stickers and signs, they are an excellent way to make the house unattractive to unwelcome guests.

Let Your Own Light Shine as Needed

If an electronic system is beyond the budget at this point, less expensive measures also provide substantial home security, while you are in it and away. A well-lit yard is important both to reduce available cover of darkness for intruders and to reduce the chance of injuries in it. Perimeter and motion-sensing lights near the house itself are easy ways to prevent harm of every kind.

Locking windows and doors and remembering to get the ladder out of the yard are preventive measures that are completely free. Burying cables so that they cannot be cut to disable electronic security systems might stretch the budget but definitely not the imagination. Similarly helpful observations can better protect your family, regardless of financial constraints and even if your children sleep too soundly.