Make sure you did all the measures necessary to keep your children safe when they're done with school and your not home yet.

Make sure you did all the measures necessary to keep your children safe when they’re done with school and your not home yet.

With the economy still a little shaky, parents are having to work long hours or even multiple jobs and are unable to be at home with their children all of the time. Because of this, children often have a sitter or join after school clubs. However, not all students are involved and spend time at home alone after they get home from school. This creates an after-school gap, which is consisted of the approximate 20 hours that children are home without supervision. If this is what your situation has come to, it is important to consider installing a home security system. For more information, contact the professionals at Unlimited Security.

Things Kids Should Know When Staying Home Alone

Even with a security system in the home, there are still some things children should know to make the stay a little safer. Parents should make rules and put them in place, and the children should understand that they must follow them. Common ideas that make the list are to come straight inside and lock the door, not to answer the door, or use any major appliances. Also, always make sure that kids have proper communication in case it is needed, such as a phone and list of emergency contacts. On the other hand, it is important to make sure kids know to answer the phone incase you have specific updates for them.

Sometimes having the people around you help is really beneficial. If you have neighbors or friends that are willing to check on the children if needed, have them available. If you work or live near someone you trust who also has children that need to stay alone, have the children stay together and switch out whose house is chosen. This way you know they are safe and they will know you care about their well-being.

Other Alternatives to Being Alone

Most school systems have various clubs and activities set into place for children to join. At the beginning of the school year, check into this and see what will fit your schedule. If the kids are young enough, check into a daycare or sitter. For many parents though, this simply isn’t an option. No matter what your plans are, the most important thing is to communicate with your children so you can know where each other are at all times.