Why Your Alarm Company Really Should Be Local

You’ve already heard all the yap-yapping about buying from local, independently-owned businesses. You know, that by doing so, you’re giving your community a big hand—keeping it unique, creating jobs, investing in it, and so on. Well, by working with a local security company, you’re doing all those things and more.

Who better to keep you safe than your neighbors? Unlimited Security is committed to the Nashville area.

Who better to keep you safe than your neighbors? Unlimited Security is committed to the Nashville area.

When it comes to securing your home or business, it’s important to have a personal experience. Because the things that you’re protecting are very personal—your family, your home and the lifetime of stuff inside it, your workplace, your peace of mind.

My company, Unlimited Security, is locally owned and operated here in Nashville, and we take that to the nth degree, in that not only am I the owner of the company but I’m also the one to meet individually with all of our clients to customize their security plans. What do clients get from working with a security company that’s locally owned and operated? In a word, service.

Let me explain. Any monitoring service that’s UL listed will typically have a 30-second response time. That’s what UL listed means. Personally, I choose to work with a monitoring center that constantly tries to improve that, but across the board 30 seconds is pretty standard. The question that comes to be down the pike—one of the biggest things that sets local security companies apart from the big dogs—is how a company will react when you have something that starts beeping or you can’t arm the system or there’s an issue and something is crying out for a quick response.

With security companies that work on a larger scale, the sad matter of fact is that the industry average response time is five to seven days. That means from the time you call in to the time that they’re actually on your doorstep, it could take a week. There are some companies that are running at about two weeks to get service taken care of right now, which is insane. With a local provider, you won’t have to wait. Because when you’ve got something beeping or you’re concerned about your safety, waiting five to seven days is just not conducive to a good night’s sleep. My goal at Unlimited Security is to address these types of concerns within 24 hours, but what actually happens is same-day if I can get to it, next day if I absolutely have to push it out.

My 10 years in this business have taught me a lot of things about what my clients want, but the number one thing is that they are all about the relationship; they’re all about having a unique experience. They can be young, old—there’s not a whole lot of other aspects, except that; they want it personal.

And I want it personal, too. I have trouble sometimes narrowing down what I love most about my job. But really I think what keeps me most satisfied is that I get to work with the absolute best people in Nashville. Every one of my clients—they all have passions, and they all have things that they’re emotionally invested in, and just the thought that I’m helping make their lives better fuels me. That’s personal. That’s local. Whatever you want to call it, it’s good business.