When temperatures drop, it may be easy to let your guard down. With snow all around and winter winds blowing, break-ins and theft must decrease dramatically, right? Wrong. Your home and personal safety is something to be on top of all year long, despite the season.

Yet, the change in weather does present the need to re-strategize your home security plan a bit. Check out some winter security tips below.

Invest In A Secure Home

A proper working security system is important to have, no matter the weather outside. Setting alarms, locking doors and windows, and setting up strong surveillance are all things that greatly reduce your risk of burglary. Criminals will always go for the weakest homes and will avoid places where they are more likely to get caught.

You may also want to invest in good lighting for the outside of your home. In the winter, it gets dark earlier. This leaves a bigger window of opportunity for a thief to break-in, steal your valuable possessions, then be on his way. Lights that sense motion will scare off predators.

Also, note that fresh snowfall means tracks will be left behind. A well-lit yard will help you take note of where the burglar attempted to enter so you can further secure your home.

Make Your Home Look Occupied

If you are leaving for a while, make your home appear occupied, so potential robbers won’t suspect a thing. How? Here are some ideas.

  • Put your lights and various electronics on a timer. Lights going on and off, televisions running, and music being played are all clear signs that a home is not vacant.
  • What does winter bring? Snow! If your sidewalk and driveway are covered in inches of snow, this gives burglars a good indication that you are not home to shovel it. Hire someone to do the job while you are away or see if a friend, neighbor, or family member will do the job until you return.
  • Keep a few shades or curtains open. Usually these are only opened when people are inside.
  • Ask a neighbor to park in your driveway, so it looks like someone is home.

Keep The Yard Clear

With the holidays behind us, many find themselves outside taking down lights and boxing up outdoor décor. This usually involved ladders and a wide array of tools. Always bring these items back into your garage or storage shed before calling it quits for the day. Leaving them out is like offering an intruder the necessary tools to easily break in.

Call On Community Members

Join the community watch in your neighborhood. Don’t have one? Start one up! Everyone is likely still opening up Christmas presents and throwing away boxes. When a robber sees a bunch of boxes for expensive items outside your trash can, your home quickly becomes an easy target! That’s why now is the time to watch each other’s back and work together to make your street and the ones surrounding as safe as you can.

For more information visit Unlimited Security’s website today or call us up with any questions. We strive to make every neighborhood safer. Turn to us now!