At Unlimited Security, we can help keep your business safe with a variety of options. From security cameras to intrusion detection to environmental monitoring, we can work with you to customize the perfect commercial security system for your place of business. Becoming more popular as the technology has improved, video surveillance keeps an eye on your clients, your employees, and your property for you when you are not there. We at Unlimited Security would like to share with you several ways that the installation of security cameras can protect your business.

Stock Room Monitoring

stock room A great way to reduce company losses, security cameras installed in stock areas watch out for employees stealing merchandise as well as stockpiling office supplies for their own personal use. In addition, video surveillance can protect the safety of your employees if your stock room is in an isolated location.

Rear Entrance Protection

Criminals like to enter businesses from the back as they feel they have less of a chance of being seen. Also, popular targets like safes and stock rooms tend to be located near the rear of businesses. Guarding against a break-in from the rear or delivery entrance, security cameras provide even more protection by allowing employees to see who is at the door before opening it to receive a delivery or to leave the building.

Increased Parking Lot Security

Equally protecting your employees and your customers, video surveillance of the parking areas reassures everyone of his or her safety when coming to or from their vehicle. Cameras installed in the parking lot can cut back on other crimes like auto theft and vandalism.

Shoplifting Prevention

No thief wants recorded evidence of a crime. Easily-seen security cameras have been proven to deter shoplifting. Even if someone decides to go through with stealing something, the cameras provide solid evidence the police can use to arrest thieves.

Employee Activity Monitoring

Video surveillance by any money-handling areas will clearly notify and inform you if employees are taking money from the business or giving away merchandise to friends. If you want to increase employee productivity and cut back on socializing, letting them know that they are being recorded at work can be helpful. However, according to Intuit QuickBooks’ online business resource center, laws in certain states only allow video surveillance of employees in public areas, so it is recommended you consult with an experienced lawyer before installing security cameras in certain locations.

After-Hours Cleaning Verification

If you have ever suspected the after-work cleaning and maintenance crews of neglecting to complete certain tasks, security cameras provide you with the needed proof to ensure these crews are earning their pay.

Insurance Premium Savings

Many insurance companies offer premium discounts to businesses who have installed security cameras on their properties because they provide a lower payout risk. On-site video surveillance reduces losses from theft, so your insurance company will be less likely to reimburse you because of criminal events.

If you are considering adding video surveillance to your commercial security system, contact Unlimited Security today to discuss camera installation options for your business.