More people consider home security systems necessary and more businesses install them to protect inventory, equipment, and other financial assets. People rely upon the peace of mind that a security system provides but they also count on the humans behind the systems to be there when needed. Security companies come in all types and sizes, some operating remotely while others have local presences. Is your security company local? If so, it offers several advantages that remote companies do not.

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Whether it is local or remote, a residential security company may offer solutions that include wired and wireless security systems that contain intrusion detectors, fire alarms, surveillance cameras, and control access systems designed for safe rooms. Companies catering to commercial customers offer wired and wireless security alarm systems featuring intrusion detection such as glass breakage detectors. They also provide surveillance cameras, panic switches or buttons, and control access systems that consist of proximity cards, card readers, or biometric technology.

Remote or local monitoring ensures that when the security system is activated, a person is also placed on call to watch the home or business. Arming the system triggers the services of a 24 hour a day, seven day a week monitoring service. If the alarm is set off for any reason, workers at the monitoring station are notified. This typically triggers a call to the consumer and, if necessary, to the local authorities so they can respond to a security breach.

A company that has a local presence offers additional benefits to customers. Since representatives operate locally, they can check the property regularly to ensure that everything is secure. This additional level of security reassures customers that the company has their best interests in mind. People who spend long days or overnights away from home appreciate this extra effort to keep their homes safe.

Local operations are also better able to service accounts when system maintenance or repair is needed. A local technician does not need to travel as far to reach the property, making it possible to get there quickly if the system is not operating properly. When a remote company is used, it can take days for a service technician to return to the local area. These workers often cover large regions and their routes are mapped by dispatchers who may have no consideration for the dire situation of just one customer.

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Customers also tend to get to know local representatives because they see the same faces many times throughout the years. It is important to trust a security representative because this individual has easy access to the valuables contained within the property. Anyone who is allowed to enter the home could use this and other information to his or her advantage so recognizing this individual and feeling that the person is trustworthy are critical factors.

A technician that is here today, gone tomorrow, can inflict serious physical, financial, and emotional damage and restitution may be difficult. Representatives from nationwide companies or those that use local subcontractors have damaged artifacts, stolen possessions, and inflicted additional pain on the customers they were supposed to be servicing. Though an untrustworthy local representative could cause similar damage, it is rare because the business bases its community reputation upon the reputation of its workers and the quality of services they provide.

“Is your security company local?” may seem like an unimportant question. Its significance will become clear the next time frustration arises regarding the response time and servicing methods of a business or residential security system provider. Monitoring, maintenance, and repair services from a local provider are preferred by many consumers.