Looking for tips to keep your home and loved ones better protected this holiday season? Well, we’re ready and willing to offer our advice! Check out some guidelines below, then contact the team at Unlimited Security today to get more information about improving the security on your property. Our team is eager to help you out!

Don’t Become An Easy Target

blue home with lockIt’s not unusual for homeowners to be gone for days at a time throughout the holiday season. Unfortunately, burglars know this is all too common, which is why they keep an eye out for unoccupied homes. This leaves them plenty of time to get in, take what they want, then get out, all without the risk of getting caught. Not to mention, if you’re not home for days after the event, their trail will be cold, meaning finding them (and your possessions) is highly unlikely.

This is why many recommend making your home appear occupied, even when you are not in it. Thanks to modern technology, you can set your lights, radios, and televisions to turn off and on automatically, making it seem like someone is, in fact, home. Other smart ideas are to keep a car in the driveway and to ask a neighbor or friend to shovel your pathways and get your mail.

This also means not making your whereabouts obvious on social media. Many love to post updates throughout the day, but it’s easier for others to access that information than most people realize. Be careful and think about what you’re posting before throwing it out there for the world to see.

Be Cautious With Package Deliveries

Christmas shopping is easier than ever nowadays with sites that can ship your gifts to your home in just a quick couple of days. Many do all or most of their shopping online, meaning lots of packages are getting delivered to homes all throughout the area on a regular basis. Unfortunately, this makes things a lot more convenient for thieves, too, as many packages are left outside the door until the buyer arrives home.

Some package delivery companies allow you to pick the day your package arrives, ensuring you’re home to receive it. Also, many places will notify you via text or email once the package is delivered so, if you have a nice neighbor or family member close by, they could perhaps pick it up for you. Another great option is to have the packages delivered to your workplace. These are some simple steps that offer some peace of mind throughout a hectic holiday season.

Need A Security Upgrade?

The best way to watch over your home and guarantee added protection throughout the months ahead is to get a security system that can take care of you for the long haul. Here at Unlimited Security, we have the tools and technology to set you up right and offer you that extra safety you’re seeking. You deserve that!

If you’re ready to invest in a system that’s personalized to your unique needs, then there is simply no better company to trust than us. We take pride in helping communities all throughout our service areas, and there is nothing we take more seriously than the safety and security of our customer base. Give us a call today to get this process started.