Everyone wants his or her home to be safe, and one way to do this is by installing a home security system. Previous systems required significant wiring through the home landline. The flaw in this system is burglars are able to cut the phone line, rendering the alarm system useless. Cellular security systems have eliminated this problem and work wireless for added home security.

The term “cellular” in this regard speaks of how the security system communicates with the dispatch office. This is the monitoring station that will call the police or medical emergency workers when a break in or emergency occurs. With no landline being used, this system offers far more security than a wired system.

The system itself is completely independent of any systems operating in the home. In other words, you do not need to have a cell phone to have this system installed. While there are some apps that enable you to monitor your system from your smartphone, owning one is not a prerequisite to having it installed in your home.

One common misconception about a cellular security system is that the signal can be jammed, rendering the system useless. This should not be a concern for a homeowner. Hacking into a security system would take significant expertise, something the average burglar does not possess. In addition, all systems are armed with jam detection, making it virtually impossible for anyone to disable the system.

If you are going to have a home security system installed, cellular is by far the prudent choice. Modern technology has improved these systems to ensure they are functional 100 percent of the time. Homeowners no longer need worry about extra costs for landline installation, nor do they need to worry about their lines being cut, making their home vulnerable to burglars.