An uninhabited home is one that burglars look for in order to have an easy target. A home that is vacant makes it more susceptible to theft, so it is best to have security measures in place while you are away. Some of the tips below can give you an idea on what to do when out of the home.

  • If you will be away from home due to a relative’s death, wedding, and other similar events that was published through the newspaper or spread through word of mouth, have someone housesit for you.
  • Ask your neighbours to use your trash cans so it wouldn’t be too obvious that no one is inside your home.
  • Adjust your phone ringer to the lowest volume because an unanswered phone call may signify that no one is in the house.

Protecting your Valuables:

  • A safe deposit box is the safest place to hide your treasures. You may also secure them in a home safe provided it is heavy to move. A wall safe will also work but make sure that it is fireproof.  If you can’t afford to buy a safe, cheaper alternatives can also restrict theft in your home.
  • Set up a hiding place in the ceiling. Detach a block or tile that will serve as your safe and then replace it after using a magnetic fastener. Avoid leaving finger marks as this can be a clue to your safe.
  • Do not hide important materials in obvious spots like inside the drawer, under the mattress, behind picture frames, inside figurines, under carpets, and treasure boxes.
  • Ask the police department if they offer services such as home inspection, use of an engraving device to mark your valuables and other protective measures to secure your valuables.