No matter where you go in Nashville, you see new homes being built. Although a lot of these houses look very much alike, each family who moves into one of these new homes is different and has specific home security needs. Since 1997, Unlimited Security has been working with the people of the Nashville area to provide quality home and commercial security systems. When you visit our office, you will meet the owner, Linda Stubblefield, who is fondly known as The Alarm Lady because of her extensive knowledge about security alarm systems. Linda will find out exactly what type of security system you will need and then make recommendations on how she can personalize your monitoring system. We would like to share with you a few of the questions you will be asked when you visit Unlimited Security so that you will be prepared to answer them to help Linda select the perfect security system for your home and your family.

Do you plan on moving within the next three years?

Common Security Scams - Nashville TN - Unlimited Security - Copy-w800-h800If you do not plan on staying in your house for longer than three years, you will want to know more about the contract for the alarm company and if you will own the equipment. Some security companies require long-term contracts, but other companies do have moving programs that will let you transfer your contract and your equipment, if you have been a customer for a certain period of time. Unlimited Security also provides security systems from companies that let you own your equipment, so you will be able to take everything with you when you move.

Do you want mobile access?

Smartphone technology gives you the power to not only arm and disarm your system from your mobile phone as well as many other options. Unlimited Security can work with you to personalize this service, and we think you will be amazed at what you can do from your smartphone. According to SafeWise , you can receive security alerts, know if any windows or doors are open, adjust the lights and thermostat, and set custom notifications such as alerts when your children come home from school.

Do you need security cameras?

Security cameras placed around your home can come in very handy. Not only do these cameras prevent intrusions as burglars look for security cameras, but they also allow you to monitor your family in different rooms of the house. When you are away from home, you can access these cameras with your smartphone to keep an eye on the babysitter or check on maintenance workers.

You can trust The Alarm Lady and the rest of the staff at Unlimited Security to personalize your home security system in your new house. Contact us to schedule a consultation and see how we can give you hands-on care and peace of mind.