The holidays are coming up quick and many of our customers are making plans to travel. As you prepare to spend the holidays with friends and family, we know how the excitement can build! That being said, it’s important to keep some safety tips in mind… Between countless empty homes and tired travelers letting their guards down, thieves find is all too easy to take advantage of unsuspecting families.

We can help keep you safer no matter what your holiday schedule looks like this year. Check out some of our tips below, then contact the staff at Unlimited Security today to see what we can do to set you up right!

When You’re On The Road

When you’re traveling, it’s not uncommon to feel on edge at times. You’re away from home and your vehicle is packed full of valuable belongings, gifts, laptops, cell phones, and more! Thieves know that many travelers are either going to a holiday gathering or coming home from one, meaning their vehicle is full of new items that were just received or are about to be given away. Don’t make yourself a target – follow these guidelines!

First of all, be sure you’re keeping loved ones informed on your itinerary. If you don’t arrive at your expected time, they’ll be able to figure out that something may be wrong. They can alert authorities if they feel it necessary, and it will make everything easier in the event of a robbery or an accident.

Also, be careful when arranging things in your car or van. Try to store more expensive things in concealed areas such as a trunk, a glove compartment, or an under-seat storage area. Be sure to stash things away before arriving at your destination. This way, no wandering eyes see where your valuables are!

Keeping Your Home Safer

It’s also important to keep your home protected while you are away. When you are gone for a significant period of time, your home becomes an easy target for potential intruders. Try to make your home look lived in, so you don’t become a victim. Ask a trusted neighbor, friend, or family member to get your mail and keep your lawn in order while away. Also, be sure you never post anything about a long trip online. With the various forms of social media out there, it’s easier than ever for thieves to find this information.

Another tip for keeping burglars at bay is to put your television, lights, and/or radio on a timer, so that they turn on every now and then. If a criminal is out lurking, he or she won’t rush into a home with lights on and a show playing. This increases their odds of getting caught!

Work With Us!

Your best bet for keeping your home safer is to invest in a secure home surveillance system. At Unlimited Security, we offer a wide range of accessories, cameras, and more, so you can personalize your system however you like! Call on our qualified staff today to learn more.