More Security from Your Smartphone

In today’s busy world, we all still want to feel secure and safe, even though our schedules may prevent us from being at home as much as we want to be, and there are times you may find yourself worrying about your house when you are gone for a lengthy time, even if you have an installed security system. Fortunately, we at Unlimited Security offer the latest in modern technology in innovative home security systems, including intrusion detection with wireless cell phone monitoring. This provides you with the ultimate in giving you peace of mind when you are out of town, at work, or even just running a million errands and must be away from your home for a long period of time, allowing you to check on what’s going on at your abode from your cell phone.

We are ready to increase your peace of mind with a cellular monitoring alarm system.

We are ready to increase your peace of mind with a cellular monitoring alarm system.

One of the best advantages of having a cellular based security system is no worrying about thieves cutting phone cords, one of the oldest tricks in the books. Your alarm works through a built-in GSM (global system for mobile communication) device which is always connected wirelessly to the 24-hour operating main control center, so any disturbance at your home is immediately reported “magically” via cell phone towers. Furthermore, the GSM coverage is nationwide, so you could be across the country, and you would still be alerted of any activity going on at your house through your phone.

Another advantage of cellular alarm monitoring is the system itself; it’s all wireless, so it is super easy to install and causes no electrical leads or wire stripping. You can activate the system either with the application on your phone or with a keychain remote/keypad, and the wireless motion detectors and door sensors are ready to inform you if an intruder enters your home. What will happen if someone should enter is the detectors and sensors will secretly set off the device inside your home, sending out a message via cellular frequencies to the main operating center who will immediately notify the police and you through your personal cell phone.

Possibly the best reason to go with a cellular-based security system is the power you will have with your cell phone to control your alarm system while you are away from home. From adjusting the temperature and turning exterior and interior lights off and on to viewing live video on several cameras on your property and creating different video settings based on motion detection or time of day, the security alarm application on your cell phone will also alert you to any customized event that could occur at your home as well as allow you to remotely disarm the system to allow members of your family or friends inside without setting off the alarm.

As you can see, a wireless, cellular-based security alarm system is a modern way to guard your house easily and conveniently, and we here at Unlimited Security can help you install the perfect system that meets your needs. Give us a call today, and we’d be happy to show you all the options you have with this innovative method of protecting you and your loved ones.