Start a Neighborhood Watch Program - Nashville TN

In the past, it was common to know everyone who lives on your street. Neighbors would regularly sit on their porches and socialize each night. Today, however, people tend to stay inside their homes and seldom make the effort to get to know their neighbors. With the popularity of television and the Internet, people do not see the need of going outside the house to be entertained. At Unlimited Security, we have seen the value of neighbors getting to know each other and working together to keep their neighborhoods safe and secure. Although it may be stepping out of your comfort zone, meeting your neighbors can increase your security. We would like to share with you some tips from SafeWise on how you can team up with your neighbors to prevent crime.

Introduce yourself to your neighbors.

It may sound like a cliche, but one of the best ways to introduce yourself to the people on your street is to bake a batch of cookies to take from door to door. Most everyone appreciates this gesture, and you will find it easy to make conversation as you offer a home-baked gift. If you live in a neighborhood with an association, attend the monthly meetings to get to know people and learn more about the area. Many neighborhood associations also have Facebook and other social media pages, which can be a good place for the shy to start meeting neighbors.

Form a Neighborhood Watch group.

Or, join the group if one has already been founded. A Neighborhood Watch program lets criminals know that your neighborhood is serious about stopping crime. This type of group is also a great way for your neighbors to work together to solve a wide range of challenges. You can even download a Neighborhood Watch app on your smartphone that allows you to report suspicious activity to both law enforcement and the leader of the neighborhood group.

Stay updated on crime trends.

Websites like StopCrime collect crime data from police reports, news stories, and member information and then posts this data on an easy-to-read map online. You can sign up to be alerted whenever a crime is reported in your neighborhood. You and your neighbors can use this tool to be completely informed on what is going on in the area and stay a step ahead of criminals. It is easy to share important information on crime with your neighbors when you use this type of technology.

Be safer in your own home by getting to know your neighbors. Reach out to us at Unlimited Security to learn more home security and safety tips.