Home security is important and most of us would like to take every measure possible to ensure that we are protecting our family and our home. Why then, would you not consider having an extra keypad in your bedroom in case of emergency? If you have only one keypad and it is located downstairs, how will you get to in case of a fire or break in?

Unlimited Security - Honeywell Tuxedo Touch Keypad

Today’s security systems are much more than a mere alarm. The best systems come with 24-hour monitoring for both medical and safety emergencies. If something were to happen, you would definitely want the monitoring system as close as possible all hours of the day. At night, that location would be in your bedroom.

There will probably be times when you simply forget to turn on the alarm. You go to bed and do not feel like walking downstairs. Having the extra keypad at that moment is pure convenience. However, what if you forget altogether and then hear someone breaking in downstairs? Now, you have the extra security of the alarm, which you can hit with a single depressed button, which will alert authorities.

In addition to situations such as this, keypads also provide important information regarding the rest of your home. For instance, you will get an alarm if a smoke or carbon monoxide alarm in the home is triggered. You may not be able to hear the alarm from your room, but the keypad will alert you to the situation.

Having an extra keypad just allows you more security and peace of mind. There are some that will say it is overkill, but would you rather feel completely secure knowing you have access to your security system and monitoring team throughout the home or worry that you may not be able to access the keypad at a critical moment? Answer that question and you now know if you need and extra keypad in your bedroom.