School is letting out, temperatures are rising, and it’s time to start planning those family vacations. We love summer, and we know our customers do, too! While this is a great time of year for family fun, we still want to remind you all to keep your home protected and your loved ones as safe as possible. Work with Unlimited Security today – we can set you up right!

Why are crime rates higher right now? Learn more below!

More Unoccupied Homes

People tend to go out and about more during the summer months. Warmer weather and school breaks make it easier to pack up a few bags and take trips with multiple kids in tow. Robbers know this, which is why they tend to prowl neighborhoods more often this time of year.

On top of this, there are more activities going on in the summer. If someone who targets unoccupied homes sees that a big event is occurring somewhere close by, they will likely take advantage of the situation. There is no better time to scout things out than when entire neighborhoods are largely unoccupied.

An Increase Of Open Windows

We all love to open doors and windows when temps are high and the sun is shining. That cool breeze is ideal for relaxing indoors and cooling down the house. Unfortunately, many homeowners forget to close them all before leaving their home. Burglars know this and keep a sharp eye for any easy entry points.

Be sure to stay alert and check every one of your windows and locks before leaving your home. A few extra minutes spent running through the house could save you a lot in the long run!

People Are Agitated

There’s no doubt about it – heat can trigger some bad moods throughout the neighborhood. We all love sunshine and fresh breezes, but some days are just plain HOT. If you’re sticky, sweaty, and unable to cool down, it’s easy to get aggravated – and we wouldn’t blame you!

Thieves and other criminals feel these same mood swings, too. Unfortunately, this can cause some already bad habits to get worse. Criminals may get angry and upset in the summer heat and find themselves more entitled to take what they wish. As a result, we tend to see an increase in aggressive behaviors, damaged properties, and victims of assault.

As Always, Count On Us

No matter the weather or season, Unlimited Security is here for you! You can always count on us for any and all of your home security needs. Call today!