If you are responsible for business safety, you know how much ground that covers, and are right to consider security companies. Constantly monitoring the workplace, a good security company can help to maintain good air quality as well as protect it from break-ins and internal theft. Addressing a huge swath of safety managers’ concerns, yours can almost certainly be precisely met whatever they are.

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Theft Prevention

Small and large businesses alike have long been using private security companies for 24-7 protection from break-ins. With so many false alarms going off, police rarely respond promptly to calls from small business owners even when one is there to hear it. They do respond when the call comes from a security company’s “central station”, knowing the company has already checked on the alarm’s veracity.

User-friendly video surveillance systems are attracting businesses that are more concerned about what is happening indoors than out. With typically small profit margins and no room for avoidable loss, small businesses especially need to protect themselves from internal theft. Whether that is occurring with equally strapped customers or staff, it has to stop and security cameras can do it.

What’s The Truth?

They can also safeguard the business from fraudulent law suits whether for injury or harassment. Big-box and grocery store chains have used video surveillance to prove that ‘wronged’ customers intentionally caused the injury they are claiming in court. DVRs have disputed claims of assault and harassment, and there is proof that employees were fired for cause.

Another thing that small business owners increasingly share with their ‘big brothers’ is an interest in preserving good air quality in their workplaces. 24-7 monitoring of carbon dioxide levels allows safe early warning of unsafe ventilation. Small business owners are not only thinking about municipal requirements for business license renewals, they are breathing the same air as their employees, and longer.