Even though you may feel safe at home, especially when you have a monitored security alarm system that has been installed by Unlimited Security, you can always boost your home security IQ. The more you know about protecting yourself, your family, and your property, the safer you can be. Our staff at Unlimited Security likes to educate our customers on how to best prevent theft and other security violations from occurring to them. We find a lot of useful information on crime prevention from entertaining and insightful infographics online that convert complex data into easy-to-read material. We would like to share some tips we have used to boost our own home security IQ from one of our favorite infographics from a collection compiled by SafeWise, an online source for safety and security advice.

The Encyclopedia of Burglar Types

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  • The Opportunist – This type of burglar looks for anything unattended, such as unlocked bikes and items you might have accidently left on your front porch. You should always keep a close eye on your belongings.
  • The Distractors – Working as a team, this criminal type works by one person coming to your door or approaching you in your yard to distract you while the other person sneaks onto your property to quickly steal anything possible. You should never open your door to someone you do not know, and if the person is representing a company or organization, always ask to see that person’s identification before you open the door or speak to him or her.
  • The Carjacker – Since improved vehicle security systems have made it difficult for car thieves to steal them, some of these thieves have turned to violence to get what they want. You should never leave your valuables in view on your car seats. Always park in a well-lit area. You can even install an anti-theft device that has an ignition shutoff button.
  • The Identity Thief – These thieves lurk on the Internet to find your personal information, including your social security number, credit card numbers, and bank account numbers that can allow them to pretend to be you. Be sure your anti-virus and other security programs on your computer are updated, and always sign out of your accounts online, especially on public computers.
  • The Professional Burglar – These thieves know exactly what they are doing and can be in and out of your home in under ten minutes. They look for vacated homes, so when you go out of town, be sure you tell a neighbor to pick up your mail and newspaper and to keep an eye on your home.
  • The Actor – Posing as a utility worker or as a salesperson in order to get onto your property, this criminal type can easily be avoided by always asking to see the person’s company identification. You can also look for the company logo on the person’s uniform and vehicle.

We hope that sharing this information with you has helped to boost your home security IQ. If you would like to see more of these entertaining infographics, contact Unlimited Security to ask our staff to show you our other favorites.