Carbon monoxide poisoning can cause damage to the brain and other organs, and prolonged exposure to this toxic gas can even kill you. Since carbon monoxide is odorless, tasteless, and invisible to the human eye, many states have passed laws requiring the installation of carbon monoxide alarms in single- and multiple-family residences. Common sources of carbon monoxide in your home include fireplaces and blocked chimneys, water heaters, space heaters, and a running car in the garage. Monitored carbon monoxide alarms can save your life, which is its most important benefit. However, according to LifeSafety Magazine, only 15% of homes in the U.S. have operating carbon monoxide detectors in their homes. Unlimited Security provides the option of including a monitored carbon monoxide alarm with your home security system, which gives you the ultimate in safety from carbon monoxide poisoning. We would like to tell you more about the benefits of this life-saving system-connected alarm.

Benefits Of a Monitored Carbon Monoxide System

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An early warning can be essential if a life-threatening emergency is imminent. A stand alone carbon monoxide alarm will alert you to the presence of carbon monoxide in your home; however, with a monitored alarm, the local emergency authorities are immediately notified to come to your home. Very important if you have children or elderly in the house, a fire crew and an ambulance will be at your door in minutes to evacuate everyone safely and to medically treat anyone who has been overcome by breathing in carbon monoxide.

Professional Installation

Increasing the detector’s ability to be effective and reliable, professional installers will know exactly where to correctly place the alarms where they are most needed.

Supervised Monitoring of the Alarm’s Performance

The central station will alert you to any malfunctioning of the system or other mechanical problems. Your panel will also send out signals to let you know to call the central station to schedule a service appointment. You will also be alerted to low battery life or the end of a carbon monoxide’s sensor’s life.

Eligibility For a Discount On Your Homeowner’s Insurance

Monitored carbon monoxide alarms protect you, your family, and your home so well that many homeowner’s insurance companies give discounts on the premium if you have a system-connected detector.

Newer Technology

A combination of a monitored smoke detector and carbon monoxide alarm has been developed. This gives you complete protection from fires, smoke, and gases from one device, which cuts down on parts and labor during installation. Another plus to this model, you can test the carbon monoxide sensing cell’s reliability and functioning with a provided can of carbon monoxide. Just spray a teeny bit of the carbon monoxide by the alarm to see exactly how well and quickly it works.

If you have questions about adding a monitored carbon monoxide alarm to your home security system, contact Unlimited Security today to find out how simple this process can be. Protecting you and your family’s safety is our highest concern.