Advancements in technology in the past decade have brought many improvements to home and commercial security systems. At Unlimited Security, we love the benefits of cellular alarm monitoring and highly recommend this feature. Whether you would like to install a new security system or integrate cellular options with your existing system in your home or business, we can help you. To see why we feel so strongly about this security system option, we would like to share a few of the many advantages of a cellular-based alarm.

No Need for Complicated Programming

Home Security Monitoring - Nashville TN - Unlimited SecurityMost of the time, a cellular alarm system will already be programmed by the manufacturer after you order the security system. This allows Unlimited Security to quickly install and update your monitoring alarm in under 15 minutes. We will go over all of the necessary details and instructions with you; however, this system requires no difficult or confusing setup for you.

No Worries of Thieves Cutting Your Phone Lines or Electricity

Since a cellular-based security system does not rely on a landline phone, thieves cannot disable the alarm by cutting your phone lines. The cellular alarm will still go through to the 24-hour monitoring center, who will notify your local authorities of the invasion of your property. Since these systems are operated by a rechargeable battery, shutting down your electrical power will not affect the alarm either.

No Obvious Signs of an Alarm System

Since the main control unit is a desktop device, it is hidden out of sight from anyone who breaks into your home. The wireless factors of a cellular alarm system allow every sensor and alarm to also be kept out of view.

No Confusion Over Operating a Cellular-Based Security System

To arm or disarm a cellular alarm, you simply use the wireless keychain remote/keypad. When armed, the system will be triggered by sensors on your doors and motion detectors throughout your home or business. When these alarms are tripped, the main control unit silently and wirelessly sends a radio signal to the system’s 24-hour emergency center and to your local law authorities.

No Distance Boundaries from Monitoring Your Home or Business

Most of these systems have an application you can upload to your smartphone so that you can keep tabs on your property, no matter where you are. Having an alarm system based on cellular or broadband services broadens your ability to feel in control of your home and business when you are not there because you can always be connected to the system via your cell phone or the Internet. While rural areas of the country can sometimes have spotty service and coverage, cellular alarm monitoring work very well with the strongest cellular connections, according to the home website, QualitySmith.

Interested in equipping your security system with cellular alarm monitoring? Contact Unlimited Security today to learn more about how we can make you feel safer with this service.