You may have noticed that the weather is beginning to get cooler as we are approaching the season of fall. As the season’s change, so should your home maintenance routines. At Unlimited Security, we pride ourselves on keeping our customers updated on the latest in home security and safety tips and recommendations. Helping our customers feel safe and secure in their own homes is part of our mission. We would like to help you prepare your home for autumn by sharing some fall home security tips from so that you will be ready for events that the cooler temperatures may bring.

Make an appointment to have your HVAC system serviced.

Fall is the best time of year to schedule a service visit for the heating and cooling system of your home. Your air conditioner has been working hard to battle the heat and humidity of summer, and you want to be sure that everything is in working order before you have to switch your thermostat from “cold” to “heat.” Arranging to have your HVAC system cleaned and serviced will ensure you do not have any cracked pipes or dirty filters. This maintenance service will save you money on your heating bills, reduce your risk of a fire, and guarantee your home will be warm and toasty this winter.

Check your smoke and carbon monoxide detector alarms.

To be sure these important alarms are working correctly, go ahead and change the batteries in all of the smoke and carbon monoxide detectors in your home. Unlimited Security offers fire monitoring protection to give you added peace of mind that you and your family are safe from the dangers of a fire or a carbon monoxide leak.

Ensure you have an adequate amount of winter supplies.

As we saw from the ice storm last winter, Nashville can get its fair share of winter weather. Be prepared by making sure you have shovels, ice melt, ice scrapers, and other winter safety items stocked in your home and in your car. Tornadoes are another possibility during winters in Tennessee, so be sure you have tarps, duct tape, and other items to protect your home in case of wind damage.

Be prepared with a fully-stocked emergency kit.

Bad winter storms can leave you without power and phone service, so you need to be prepared in case of this type of situation. Keep extra flashlights and batteries around in a safe place. It is also a good idea to stock up on food and clean water for your family and your pets before a winter storm hits your area in case you are unable to leave the house for a few days.

Want to know more fall home security and safety tips? Contact Unlimited Security to learn how you can be best prepared for winter emergencies.