Our mission at Unlimited Security is to keep our clients safe and secure with state-of-the-art monitored security systems. However, in today’s times, preventing crime involves more than installing an alarm system. It is important to be aware of any possibility that could lead to a theft or other incident. If you love to order clothes, books, and other items online, you should be careful about the delivery of your purchases. Thieves often will follow UPS, Federal Express, and other delivery trucks, especially on weekdays when many people are at work. We would like to share a few tips with you to help you avoid package theft.

Avoid Package Theft Image - Nashville TN - Unlimited SecurityArrange to have your package delivered to a different location.

If you have a friend, family member, or neighbor who will be at home on the day that your package will arrive, Travelers Insurance recommends that you have your package delivered to that address. You may also want to consider using your work address, but be sure that your work allows packages to be delivered to employees.

Take advantage of delivery options.

Technology has allowed us ways to stay on top of package deliveries. Be sure to sign up for delivery alerts for a package that will update you on its status and location. This will give you the opportunity to know exactly when your package has been delivered to your home, and you can ask a neighbor to place the package in a safe place. Some retailers offer the option to pick up orders at a local store. This is a great idea if your neighbors are at working during the day as well.

Work with the delivery company and shipper.

You may have the option to request that the delivery company hold your package at their pick-up facility that is the closest to you. You can also leave instructions to the delivery company to put your package out of sight from the road or your yard. When you place your order, ask the shipper to require a signature to be able to deliver the package. This keeps your package from being left at home when no one is there. To receive your package, you will most likely have to pick it up at the delivery company’s pick-up facility.

When you order online, it is important to think about the delivery details to prevent theft of your package. Contact us at Unlimited Security for more crime prevention tips.