In a world where burglary and theft are all too common, homeowners everywhere need to prepare themselves for the worst. Are you concerned with the safety of your home and family? Then it’s time to figure out what burglars look for when picking their victims. Once you know that, you can learn how to prevent them from entering your home!

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No Home Security System

Of course, any thief is significantly more likely to enter a home that does not have a security system in place. They aim to draw as little attention as possible. So alarms, lighting, cameras, and similar equipment will scare them away pretty fast. Security systems also increase the chances of getting caught, which thieves definitely don’t want to risk.

Don’t make your home an easy target. Have a security system installed today!

Unoccupied Homes

Will you be leaving for a longer period of time? If so, take some steps to make your home look like it’s still occupied every day. Thieves target homes that are empty and will stay that way for a while. This is the perfect opportunity to ensure themselves time to get everything they want and get out long before anyone finds out.

Some tips include: having a neighbor check your mail, asking a friend to keep their car parked in your driveway, keeping a few shades/blinds up, and/or hiring a company to mow your lawn every few days. You could also install automatic timers that turn on lights, radios, televisions, and other electronics. This will give the illusion that someone is inside.

Easy Access

Another thing burglars look for is easy access. By leaving doors unlocked and windows open, you are putting your entire home in a vulnerable position. This also includes using weak locks and a lack of extra security reinforcements. In addition, leaving ladders and other equipment outside and available for robbers’ use.

Instead, keep the outside of your home clean and free of anything that someone could use to potentially break in. Always lock your vehicles, windows, and doors. Burglars keep their eyes open for opportunities to get stuff quietly, quickly, and easily. Don’t make your home just another opportunity.

Lots Of Hiding Spots

Your lawn décor is definitely something to keep in mind when you are thinking of how to keep your home safer. Big bushes, statues, and similar items all give criminals good hiding spots when trying to sneak onto your property. You could also consider planting thornier plants close to your home’s front door. This makes a sneaky entrance even more challenging!

Work With Unlimited Security!

These are just a few of the many things to watch out for when it comes to defending your home against theft. Contact Unlimited Security today to learn more about your options for home safety and take advantage of our free security analysis. We can’t wait to help protect your home!