Protecting your family and your home from theft and burglaries is one of our top priorities at Unlimited Security. We have told you that most burglars enter residences through either a door or a window, so in theory, a door alarm sounds like an excellent way to keep your home safe. However, relying on just a door alarm is not really the best way of preventing break-ins. We feel that an alarm monitoring system is the most certain way to keep criminals out of your home. We are often asked by our clients about door alarms and if they are really necessary with an alarm monitoring security system. Actually, door alarms work very well in conjunction with a monitored security system, and in fact, many home security systems include door alarms. We would like to tell you more about this type of alarm by sharing with you some information from Enlighten Me.

What types of door alarms are available? Is one type better than the other?

Are Door Alarms Necessary - Nashville TN - Unlimited SecurityIf you are on a budget but would still like to secure your home with some sort of alarm, basic door alarms are inexpensive and easy to operate. Using magnets to know whether the door is opened or closed, you type a code into the keypad to disarm the alarm to enter or leave your home. If a thief breaks in through the door or even turns the knob, the alarm will sound a loud alert to let you know someone has either gotten into your house or is attempting to enter. You can also find inexpensive door stop alarms that are shaped like wedges so that you can put the narrow end under the door, just like a normal door stop. These will sound an alarm when the door is opened, which puts pressure on the door stop.

You can also find more advanced types of door alarms, such as electronic and ultrasonic door alarms. Electric door alarms are typically included with a home security monitoring system, and they set off a siren when the door is opened without the code being entered into the keypad. Ultrasonic door alarms protect your entryways with high-frequency sound waves that are emitted whenever an unauthorized entry occurs. While this type of door alarm can cover a larger area than other types, it can be expensive to install.

What are the pros and cons of door alarms? Do I really need one?

Honestly, the only benefit of basic door alarms other than giving you peace of mind is you are alerted with a beep whenever anyone enters your home, even when the code has been entered in the keypad. If you have small children, people with special needs, or people with Alzheimer’s living in your home, you will know if anyone has left your house when he or she should not be leaving. The biggest problem with this type of alarm is that the beeping is loud enough for anyone in your home to hear, but if no one is at home, the beeping is too soft for your neighbors to here, so they do not really protect your home when you are away. Electronic and ultrasonic door alarms, however, work extremely well with alarm monitoring systems. If the alarm has been activated, it not only emits a loud sound, but it also alerts the police, the security company, or both. Although, without a monitoring system, these types of door alarms are unnecessary as they alone cannot alert authorities to a break-in.

Considering protecting your home with door alarms? Only do so if you will use them with a monitoring service to be completely safe. Contact us at Unlimited Security if you have any questions about protecting your home from thieves and burglars. We will work with you to find the perfect security system for your house and property.