Do you own a business? Have you been considering investing in a security or fire system to enhance the protection of you, your employees, and your assets? Well, now is the time to purchase one! New tax legislation now states that small businesses can deduct 1 million dollars, instead of $500,000, in business equipment. In addition, security systems are now included in the list of things that qualify as business equipment. Previously, they were considered property improvement.

Many are taking advantage of this new tax incentive and are contacting us to set them up with advanced equipment, so they feel safer and more secure when running their business.

So, What Does This Mean For Me?

If you buy a new security system in 2018, you’ll now be able to write off the full cost of the equipment as an expense for that year. You’ll also be able to invest in twice as much as previously allowed. So, not only is there an incentive for additional security, you now gain something on the financial side, as well.

If you’re on the fence about whether or not now is a good time to take the plunge, don’t hesitate any longer. Our team here at Unlimited Security will get you set up right in no time.

Reasons Behind The Incentives

Many wonder what the purpose of these changes is. Well, there is a long-term goal in sight for economic growth, and these incentives are now a part of achieving that goal. When businesses make these investments, benefits are seen in countless other places, making it a beneficial step for anyone to take.

Advantages Of Investing In Security For Your Business

At Unlimited Security, we’ve always felt that having security and fire systems installed is a smart move for business owners throughout the area. It’s one step that allows you the peace of mind you deserve when you go home at the end of a long day. Should suspicious activity occur, you can be notified as soon as possible and will rest easier knowing the police will be on top of any action right away.

Along with this, employees can feel safer while working their shifts, no matter the time of day. By investing in access controls, video surveillance, environmental controls, and more, workers don’t need to stress about possible threats throughout their time at work. They’ll know their needs were taken into consideration, making the work environment much more pleasing.

A happy work staff means happy customers, which allows you to continue selling and producing the products that you believe in. We know you deserve to feel as protected as possible, which is why we urge you to pick up your phone today! Our team will personalize the new system to your unique needs, guaranteeing you’ll be more than satisfied with the end results. Contact us now.