When it comes to securing your home, there are 10 things you need to know that burglars avoid. These are doors, security systems, dogs, well-lit areas, security cameras, corner homes, two-story homes, apartments on high floors, closed drapes or shutters, and irregular routines.

You will rarely see a burglar entering the common door. Oftentimes, they will enter a window that is left open. Would-be thieves tend to think that all security systems heavily secure this passageway, so they avoid it. Security cameras and security systems are also a big threat to thieves. They will have a hard time robbing a home when they know that they will easily be identified and caught. Sophisticated families are already enjoying safety with security systems and cameras. Dogs may be considered one of the best security systems, because they bark at people they are not familiar with. They are also avoided by burglars, because they may be bitten by a dog when entering a house.

Lessening the temptation for burglars is a big help, and this may happen when you put the curtains down or close the shutters. As what was mentioned earlier, burglars avoid very public places and houses. Corner homes are very hard for thieves to steal from because many people can see what is happening around them, and they may easily identify when these homes are being robbed. The same goes with well-lit areas. Intruders use the dark to hide all their illicit acts. Lights are a very big diversion to their plan because this is one good way for them to be identified and caught. Homes located in hard-to-reach areas are not an option for thieves. They know that it will be harder for them to get what they want, because of the obstacles that they have to go through.

A family with irregular activities is also harder to rob. Burglars are good observers. They know that they should be familiar with the actions of the people inside the house for easy infiltration. If there is no pattern to follow, it will be hard to guess what the family will do next, thus, being harder for the burglar to set up plans.